LOTR - Lords of Ithilien

Session 5: Travel to Oleg's

March 30th, year 2 FA; Arrival at Oleg’s:
The party was supplied, and headed forth on the LONG trek to the stretch of land not far from the ruins of Fornost, to meet a trader loyal to the King.

On the way, they encountered little resistance, excepting a brief encounter with bandits demanding toll “for the ”/characters/stag-lord-13" class=“wiki-content-link”>Stag Lord." They were paid off with a pelt, and the party went on with no further incident.

Upon arriving at [Oleg’s Trading Post, the group was warmly greeted by Oleg, and his wife, Svetlana, who brought them up to speed on some of the bandit activity in the area. They were also told that bandits would be arriving to collect their monthly spoils in only a day and a half!

They set about preparations, and successfully ambushed the bandits, even capturing Happs Bydon, the leader of the small group. He later would share the approximate location of a nearby bandit camp, and that no one would miss his group for around 1 week or so.

In attendance:
and Mike’s guy…

Session 4a: A New Age, A New Beginning

Fourth Age, year 2, King Elessar has summoned you, at the request of a letter left by Elrond, as he begins delegating the task of restoring the lost glory of Gondor. You have been chosen, summoned from your works and wanderings across Middle Earth. You have been tasked with the quest to subjugate an area of land in Arthedain, and to rule it as a proxy of the crown.
King Aragorn will expect regular reports, and would appreciate maps of the regions as you explore them.

Session 4: Resolutions

A fierce fight results in the capture of Margil, who is bound and led back to Rivendell, hopefully for answers. Elrond is very pleased to see the ranger returned, and graciously thanks the party for all their efforts and struggles on his behalf. He begins the process of trying to undo the damage that dark sorcery has done in subverting his mind and will, and eventually finds success.

As years pass on, the party each go to their own endeavors, finding measures of satisfaction and growth. And all the time, Elrond considers what further part they may play in the fate of Middle Earth.

Session 3: Finding the Truth

Upon entering the house, the party discovered ruin – the house looked as though it had been torn apart. After a search inside, the party found the lifeless bodies of a woman and young child. A diary told the identity of the two – the wife and child of Margil.

Expertly following the tracks of a large group (orcs, with a man in their midst), they tracked for several days and eventually caught the group as they had made camp.

They formulated a brilliant plan involving a minstrel and a horse, thinned the ranks of the enemy, and fell upon them with swift bow and blade. But within the tent, an unexpected surprise – the ranger they had been sent to save was in league (even leading!) the group of orcs, pressing forward this whole time for some unknown purpose.

Session 2: Traversing Rhudaur

The party made their way across the chasm, with one of their members taking the long route along. The spiders in the bottom were quickly dispatched, and five more people were found encased in webbing (with two of them still alive). The survivors decided to join the group, and they pressed on toward their goal.
Stopping for a night at some ruins, they found a route that would save them a considerable amount of time for the next leg of their journey.
They followed it, and came to the house of Margil.

Session 1: Elrond's Task

Meeting in Rivendell, the party is tasked by Elrond to find a Ranger, Margil, who hasn’t been seen in months. The party is equipped and sent to Margil’s house, far to the north, in hopes that some trace of him may be found.

The party travels north and west for several days, eventually coming across a large chasm in their path.


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