LOTR - Lords of Ithilien

Session 2: Traversing Rhudaur

The party made their way across the chasm, with one of their members taking the long route along. The spiders in the bottom were quickly dispatched, and five more people were found encased in webbing (with two of them still alive). The survivors decided to join the group, and they pressed on toward their goal.
Stopping for a night at some ruins, they found a route that would save them a considerable amount of time for the next leg of their journey.
They followed it, and came to the house of Margil.


After a fierce and hard trek we came across a chasm. At first it didn’t look to big but before there was any discussion the elf decided to take McPonerton and her horse and just left! We all assume she is walking around butt here is no way to know for sure… There was no time to fret over that little issue just yet, we still had to get everyone else across. We had a plan to use a mattock as a type of anchor and as a weight to move a rope around. Personally I would say that it was genius, flawless even! But sadly not everything went according to plan, for starters my clumsy weak old brother fell off the rope and into the chasm. The human who owns the mattock also fell down the cliff… But at least he had the excuse of not having the rope! Once down we decided that we would send the human back up the other side with the mattock since he is the one who screwed up trying to throw it up. After waiting for him for close to an hour and a half we start to hear a chittering, clacking noise. Spiders. The human climbing up the wall will be no use he is too far up. I guess it’s down to me and Groin. As the spiders start to approach us a song starts to waft through the air, not any old song though an oddly inspiring song. One that’s purpose is not just pure entertainment. The spiders come upon us but they were no match for my mighty axe! The spiders quickly fell with but a few mere scratches on us. During the ruckus two things wrapped in spider webs caught my as they attempted to move around. One almost impaled itself on a knife! We quickly moved over and helped the two free. One was a medical doctor and the other appeared a Dunedain that held himself really we’ll. almost noble like, but enough of that. I soon found out where that song came from! I had forgot that we had brought a minstrel with us who we accidentally left at the top of the chasm…. Don’t tell the elf she will never let me live it down! Along with the two live people there were also three corpses. One had a blade of above average workmanship, one like a captain would carry. We quickly grabbed there weapons and headed up to the top of the chasm with no further issues down there.

Soon we continued out journey to find the house of the ranger Margil. We stumbled upon some fort like ruins, so we decided to explore. After helping the minstrel cure his curiosity (I had to make up for forgetting about him) we left the same as we entered but with less time, except for a single silver coin. Luckily the journey to the ruins was not all but a waste, we were able to find a path that was easy to travel along. After some time on this path we arrived at what appeared to be the house of Margil. From the outside it did not look good, dozens of Orc tracks, the door was askew, stuff was thrown out the door. It did not forbid a good encounter…

Session 2: Traversing Rhudaur

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