LOTR - Lords of Ithilien

Session 4: Resolutions

A fierce fight results in the capture of Margil, who is bound and led back to Rivendell, hopefully for answers. Elrond is very pleased to see the ranger returned, and graciously thanks the party for all their efforts and struggles on his behalf. He begins the process of trying to undo the damage that dark sorcery has done in subverting his mind and will, and eventually finds success.

As years pass on, the party each go to their own endeavors, finding measures of satisfaction and growth. And all the time, Elrond considers what further part they may play in the fate of Middle Earth.


I finally caught up with the group, curse these stubby little legs. I don’t know what the humans excuse is, his legs are perfectly normal. By the time I caught up there was only one Orc left and what I assumed is another one in a tent nearby. I ran towards the tent hoping to hack down an Orc before this battle is over. But sadly by the time I got to the tent the two humans were already there so I decided to go for the other one. As i got closer to the other Orc I saw what looked like a human ranger trying to escape the fight. Margil! That son of a gun is helping the orcs! What kind of sorcery can make a man go against his values? Especially one of the most morally sound groups, the rangers. After dealing with the two orcs we cut off Margil at the back of the tent, being a coward like I assumed he tried to run out the front of the tent. So we decided to surround him. Margil has nowhere to run now. By this point he is quite hurt, he suddenly starts to see things straight and starts going on the defensive. The noble ranger of our group decided to try and talk him out of combat, and to my surprise it worked.

Margil layed down his weapons and really without any struggle at all goes back to Rivendell with us. Elrond took Margil in and put him in prison for questioning. Meanwhile our little group separated for quite a while…

Session 4: Resolutions

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