LOTR - Lords of Ithilien

Session 5: Travel to Oleg's

March 30th, year 2 FA; Arrival at Oleg’s:
The party was supplied, and headed forth on the LONG trek to the stretch of land not far from the ruins of Fornost, to meet a trader loyal to the King.

On the way, they encountered little resistance, excepting a brief encounter with bandits demanding toll “for the ”/characters/stag-lord-13" class=“wiki-content-link”>Stag Lord." They were paid off with a pelt, and the party went on with no further incident.

Upon arriving at [Oleg’s Trading Post, the group was warmly greeted by Oleg, and his wife, Svetlana, who brought them up to speed on some of the bandit activity in the area. They were also told that bandits would be arriving to collect their monthly spoils in only a day and a half!

They set about preparations, and successfully ambushed the bandits, even capturing Happs Bydon, the leader of the small group. He later would share the approximate location of a nearby bandit camp, and that no one would miss his group for around 1 week or so.

In attendance:
and Mike’s guy…



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